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Addressing today's challenges demands innovative problem-solvers who embrace diverse perspectives and are willing to take risks. The Wherewithal Development Foundation was born from a desire to inspire and support the community through action, not just words. Founded in 2021, our organization is driven by forward-thinking ideas, courageous actions, and a solid foundation of backing.

Our primary goal is to tackle the immediate issues faced by homeless and at-risk individuals, followed by addressing the underlying factors that impact their long-term development and self-sufficiency. The Wherewithal Development Foundation offers a secure and stable care environment, fostering mutual respect and effective communication, while equipping individuals with the skills necessary for successful living.

We diligently track progress, celebrate achievements, and closely monitor aftercare services to enhance the coordination and delivery of support. Reach out to us to learn more and become involved in our mission.

Charity Volunteers

At A Glance

WHEREWITHAL  DEVELOPMENT  FOUNDATION  promotes health,  safety  independence  and  happiness.  The  program  will  assess  the  need  and  plan  individualized  services  using  individual  and  family  members  input,  to  teach  life  skills,  to  ensure  access  to  quality  housing,  service  and  care,  to  teach  effective  social  and  interpersonal  skills,  and  to  offer  supportive  community  building  services. 

Evolving  in  an  era  of  shrinking  resources,  we  are  confident  that  our  approach  places  great  emphasis  on  reducing  duplication  of  effort  and  maximizing  the  effectiveness  of  community  resources.  By  placing  homeless  individuals  and  their  families  within  the  larger  community,  the  program  promotes  human  connection.  The  method  is  a  cost-effective  model  that  coordinates  many  existing  systems  and  services,  rather  than  creating  new  ones.

Our Vision & Values

WHEREWITHAL  DEVELOPMENT  FOUNDATION   will  be  a  county  and  state  leader  in  the  quality  of  our  facility,  services,  innovative  use  of  resources,  and  professional  conduct.  We  have  respect  for  each  person  and  offer  accessible  and  inclusive  care  for  youths,  adults,  people  re-entering  society  after  prison,  persons  with  disabilities,  senior  citizens,  veterans,  and  their  families.  We  are  committed  to  nurturing  lasting  relationships  with  our  client  families,  staff,  volunteers,  donors,  and  the  communities  we  serve.

Our values truly represent the integrity and dedication of our staff members from a holistic prospective addressing the areas of quality, compassion, teamwork, community relationship and our fiscal and operational responsibilities. Regarding quality, Wherewithal Development Foundation continuously strives to exceed the expectations of all clients by committing to deliver quality and value in every aspect of our work, including advocacy.



Homeless Outreach

Helping The Community

With this initiative, our goal is to promote great opportunities for those in need. With access to the right resources, people can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to fulfill their potential. Learn more about our work by getting in touch with our team today.


Get in touch with WHEREWITHAL DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

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